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Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

Aug 24, 2020

Marcus Ellis was formerly the #1 agent in America selling for his company - of all things - cancer insurance!  This was until Marcus himself was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His is own cancer insurance policy DENIED ALL BENEFITS to him, though he was their ace agent.   Searching for answers, he uncovered vital financial resources for the terminal, chronic, or critically ill folks.  These financial resources are Life Settlements and Viatical Settlements. 

Today, Marcus is cancer-free and his mission is to assist others to heal naturally as well as to find the financial freedom to do it. In buying life insurance policies all across America he finds a seamless, well-designed flow for his clients.   Major funding is being provided that is most usually tax-exempt from people's own life insurance policies.  Money that is paid out can be used for whatever the client desires.  From paying off the mortgage to “medical vacations” to funding for heirs or other things. 

Interestingly, not 5 out of 100 Americans know that they can sell their policies NOW while they are still alive.  This is one of the best-kept secrets in America.    You may hold a secret treasure in your own hands.   For more information on Marcus Ellis and how he can help you, please visit his website