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Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

Jul 27, 2020

Dr. T Que Collins is a leading scientist when it comes to developing and applying nutrition and metabolic therapies to treat cancer and metabolic disease in people and pets.  He is the co-Founder and Principal Investigator of the Center for Deuterium Depletion.  This is the first clinic in the world to use deuterium and tracer technologies to describe and follow the athletic performance as well as the health status of patients with metabolic disorders such as cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders.

In this episode, Dr. Que explains to us what Deuterium is and how helping your body to deplete it can kickstart healing mechanisms in your body.  This is because too much deuterium in your cells can result in mitochondrial dysfunction and lead to premature aging, metabolic problems, immune dysregulation, and diseases like cancer.  In addition, The Center for Deuterium Depletion offers specific protocols to test your levels and help you reduce it.  These protocols are based on a comprehensive analysis of what is going on with you and your unique body makeup, lifestyle choices, test results, and current health situation.  For more information on the center visit,