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Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

Sep 27, 2021

We discuss explant surgery and alternatives to implants with Diane Kazer.  Diane is an X-Pro Soccer Player, now Coach to Health Coaches, Ego Slayer, and Functional Nutrition Practitioner with a background in yoga, personal training, and financial planning.

Over the years she has struggled with hormone, skin, energy, addiction, mood, gut issues, and has reversed them all. Because of it, she has endless compassion and empathy for women suffering the same. She became motivated to become a root-cause researcher and acquire 6 certifications in wellness.  Diane has worked alongside doctors in India, using Ayurveda, and others in Thailand, using Chinese Medicine. 

Today Diane supports women around the world, to not only heal from emotional and hormonal problems but to radically transform their entire life. In this episode, she shares her experience with Breast Implant illness and her explant surgery.  What the alternatives are for those choosing mastectomy.  Additionally, how she chose Fat Transfer instead of Implants.  As well as, the pros and cons of Fat Transfer.