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Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

Oct 21, 2019

Dr. Marisol Teijeiro is a Naturopathic Doctor and a world leader renowned for her passion for cleansing and gut health.  Crowned the Queen of the Thrones by her patients, for over 15 years she has trained and educated health care practitioners and has helped thousands of patients transition from Irritable Bowels to Owning Their Throne and Thriving.

Today Dr. Marisol shares with us why gut health and "poop" has become her passion.  She believes that all disease stems from the gut and that castor oil packs can make a real difference.  Dr. Marisol also explains the biofilm in our gut and how replenishing the biofilm should be the first focus rather than on the bacteria.  Just for our listeners, Dr. Marisol has given free access to her, 50 Shades of Poo download.