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Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

Sep 13, 2021

Kenny Perkins a former oncology radiation therapist and now a cancer coach believes that we should be fighting cancer together.  He is the founder and host of All Talk Oncology. A podcast that empowers cancer patients through insightful conversations. As an eyewitness to the daily struggles and a listener to the ongoing concerns of patients and their caregivers, he was inspired to do more. Creating additional value for cancer fighters and their loved ones, he established a platform where firsthand knowledge about cancer could be discussed.

As a cancer coach, Kenny takes an in-depth approach to listen with the intent of breaking down barriers and limiting beliefs. It has been an absolute honor for him to help thousands of cancer fighters get past this horrific disease. He believes that every cancer fighter and their loved ones should be supported. No one should feel alone in this journey because we are in this together.