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Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

Oct 25, 2021

Sharon Brock discusses finding equanimity and the benefits for those with cancer.  She herself is a breast cancer survivor and a certified Mindfulness Facilitator. She is also a health and wellness journalist with a masters degree from Columbia University.  Sharon teaches mindfulness courses online, at corporations and studios, and with private clients as a mindfulness coach. 

Listen in as Sharon discusses the power of finding equanimity and how it helped her with the side effects of conventional treatment.  People think it's their circumstances that determine their happiness, but it's actually one's reaction to their circumstances that determine their happiness and wellbeing.  Additionally, Sharon discovered that it was not having cancer that caused her suffering, but the REACTION to having cancer that caused suffering.

Full acceptance/releasing resistance to what IS is the key to release suffering, especially when the circumstance is not able to change (such as metastatic cancer). The mindfulness practice of equanimity reduces reactivity; therefore, reducing suffering. Join us as Sharon leads us through an equanimity practice.  And for more meditations, Sharon has offered free audio versions on her site which you can access HERE