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Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

Aug 30, 2021

Charlene Wheeless is teaching women about reclaiming a life of authenticity with her new book, You Are Enough!  Throughout her career, Charlene rose steadily through the ranks. In almost every job, she was the first Black woman to (fill in the blank)—including in her current role, as chairman of the Page Society.

When Wheeless became chief communications officer of a global infrastructure company several years ago, she thought she had reached the mountaintop. Then, breast cancer—a long, vicious battle turned her world upside down. Returning to work, she found herself enraged by all the years she’d spent “turning myself inside out” to conform to corporate life. She wondered, “What did I give up for this level of success?” And she started over, as she says in her new memoir You Are Enough! “Reclaiming your career and your life with purpose, passion, and unapologetic authenticity.” 

As a Free Gift for our listeners, Charlene is offering the first chapter of her book, You Are Enough!.  For more on Charlene visit,