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Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

Apr 15, 2019

Fran Drescher has a reputation for passion and commitment.  She is a two-time Emmy and Golden Globe nominee for her performance of the title role in The Nanny, which she also created and executive produced.   

As an almost 19-year uterine cancer survivor, Fran turns lemons into lemonade and pain into purpose through her leadership as a cancer advocate.  Her book Cancer Schmancer was a New York Times bestseller.  The Cancer Schmancer Movement which she founded educates, prevents and activates by transforming patients into medical consumers.  

This Earth Day, on April 22nd, Fran will release Be The Change.  Be The Change is directed towards young people and gives them straightforward, practical tools to get and stay healthy.  

Listen in as Fran talks about her own personal story with cancer.  How that experience with Cancer shifted her focus toward proactive health care and healthy, toxin-free living.