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Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

Jan 30, 2023

Algae is one of the most alkaline, chlorophyll-rich, high-protein, nutrient-dense foods in the world! Thanks, momma ocean!

Catharine’s journey into the fascinating world of algae began in 2008 when her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist that an alkaline diet would improve her healing. She felt called to leave a 25-year corporate career to help her sister heal, and ENERGYbits®—the first company to launch premium algae tablets—was reeled in! 

Endorsed by NASA and the United Nations for nutrition—algae has extensive nutritional, health, mitochondria, longevity, beauty, brain performance, and sustainability benefits. A nutrition powerhouse—without the effort of shopping and cooking—all in one bite. I’m hooked! 

Tune in to hear all about how her sister is doing, how it can help prevent chemo nausea, and why algae are finally making big splashes across North America.

As a gift for our listeners, Catharine has offered 20% off her store on, use code bcc at checkout.