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Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

Dec 14, 2020

Dr. Doni Wilson is a naturopathic doctor, certified professional midwife, and certified nutrition specialist. She believes it is possible to be healthy, even when we are stressed. Dr. Doni experienced severe migraines for 25 years and was determined to find a way to resolve them. In the process of solving her migraines, Dr. Doni developed her Stress Recovery Protocol™.  This protocol identifies how stress uniquely affects each individual. With this, she is able to help patients reverse challenging health conditions.  Some of these include fatigue, anxiety, autoimmunity, fertility and recurrent miscarriages, MTHFR, insomnia, as well as HPV, and abnormal pap smears. Dr. Doni is frequently called upon to discuss her approach in the media, as well as at both public and professional events. 

In this episode, Dr. Doni Wilson discusses Stress and how it can be the underlying cause of many health issues we face.   She also explains how our genetic susceptibilities can play a role in how we handle stress.  Dr. Doni also shares with us what she has learned about peptides and how she has seen success in using them to treat issues like Epstein Barr Virus or even HPV.  As a special gift to our listeners, Dr. Doni has given us access to her 7 Day Stress Reset Course. This course can teach you how to implement what she calls CARE (Clean eating, Adequate sleep, Recovery, and Exercise) and turn your health around in 7 days.  To find out more about Dr. Doni you can find her at and on her podcast called How Humans Heal.